Portrait of a cake artist

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"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream" - Vincent Van Gogh

February 11, 2017

Art is an amazing thing, a passion, a feeling, and it means different things to different people, and in many different forms.  It is something that should be cultivated and nurtured in each of us, in our children, and in society as it has the innate ability to bring beauty into places, where beauty may not otherwise be found. 

It is a daunting task to take someone's ideas, and transform them into a cake.  Especially, when this particular person is an artist themselves.  This young lady came into the shop with a sketch in hand, and a very vivid picture of what she wanted her special birthday cake to look like.  It was a joy transforming her art into ours.  

Do you have a vision?  Come see us!


Need cake? Will Travel.

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Friends are the family you choose

October 23rd, 2016

Weddings are exciting, and even more exciting is watching those you know and love personally, get married.  My husband and I have known this couple for a number of years and they are affectionately known as a part of our D.C. family.  A small group of friends that made D.C. "home" during our brief jaunt there, before the mountains called us back.  When they announced their engagement, I announced I was "doing" their cake.  They had no choice, I didn't care that it was taking place in Pennsylvania (I'd figure that out later), and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  Aly and Aaron we are so happy for you!  

Pick your Poison

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Whiskey - The other "water" of the South

August 13th, 2016

We like our whiskey here in the South.  We also like our desserts.  What better way to enjoy both than cakes made to resemble some very distinctive whiskey bottles, in honor of some very big birthdays!  We were particularly tickled to be asked to create the Troy & Son's bottle as it happened to be for the distiller herself, an Asheville local who is making her mark on the industry with her family's help.  Troy's cake was even more fun as it not only resembled one of the family's bottles, but the buttercream was flavored with the family's Oak Reserve Whiskey that is made with heirloom Crooked Creak Corn!

Mommy is a pastry chef.

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Happy 4th Birthday to my first baby

July 27th, 2016

To this day my mother recounts the story of the first birthday party she threw for me (it was my 4th).  It was a big deal, it was the first big birthday party she'd had for me because I finally "got it," got what a birthday was all about.  She had sketched huge pictures for myself and my friends to color, she had all sorts of games planned out (they lasted 15 minutes rather than the 45 she anticipated!), and she had the cake with the pretty buttercream flowers on it. 

My mother also had a problem, the cake did not have enough flowers for myself and my fellow friends to each have one; my mother still groans when she talks about it. 

Flash forward a bunch of years and my first baby "got it" this year, just as I did, at almost 4.  I'd asked him for weeks what he thought he wanted his cake to be, to no avail.  I finally settled on a version of Tow Mater from Disney's fabulous Pixar short stories...a monster truck called the Ice Screamer.  He loves anything on wheels, he loves Tow Mater, win-win right?  He informed me the night before he wanted Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse.  Baby I love you to the moon and back...but it's too late kid.  The good news is he loved his cake regardless of the design, and trust me, if you happen to decide you want my help for your kiddo's next party, I'll make sure you come out as parent of the year as well!


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Shhhhh!  Happy 35th Anniversary Bill & Jana!

July 23, 2016

Throwing a party for a couple that spend a great deal of time "doing" for others is nearly impossible, especially when you're trying to surprise them with said party.   However, with a great deal of planning, some creative misdirection, and a bunch of very enthusiastic friends and family it is possible, to pull the impossible, off! 

We certainly will not claim to be experts at party planning, but there were definitely some things that helped us to be successful in addition to being well organized!

  1. Regardless of how big the party is being planned, you want to give your guests as much opportunity as possible to attend.  Give your out of town people a heads up, especially if you are running behind getting those invites out!
  2. Bill and Jana throw fabulous parties, no detail goes untouched.  So when we (meaning sister and myself) took this on, we wanted to do it as they would.   This included having a genuine, paper invitation that was (gasp!) put in the mail!  However, everyone is soooo busy, so the RSVP asked for an email response which was great, especially when it came down to the wire and we needed to communicate with everyone quickly and effectively!
  3. If you aren't planning a wedding, use disposables (nice disposables!).  Disposable cups, plates, name it.  There were close to 45 people in my house, dishes took less than 20 minutes, and were done before the guests had left.  FANTASTIC! 
  4. Pay for what you can ahead of time.  We took care of wine and a variety of other things in advance, and while the cost is still the same overall, being able to break the cost up made the bigger picture much more manageable. 
  5. Have fun!  It's a party!

Alden & Olivia

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Old Sherrill's Inn

July 16, 2016

Planning a party is hard work, planning a wedding is even more hard work, and there is nothing more rewarding than watching it all come together.  These lovely ladies did it right with a fabulous team of vendors assisting them to create an evening that perfectly blended our lovely Southern mountains with traditional French inspiration to honor both brides.  It may or may not have poured at one point while setting up (which is actually good luck!), but nothing could have taken away from the truly breathtaking event this wedding was.

With historic Old Sherrill's Inn in Fairview, NC to serve as the backdrop to Alden and Olivia's wedding, Lucky Penny Creative organized every detail flawlessly.  Place settings for the main meal catered by Biltmore 67 were brought in from California.  Flowers by Larry created gorgeous tablescapes of fresh herbs, lavender, boxwood and dahlias for pretty pops of color in lieu of traditional large flower arrangements.  The dessert table we had the pleasure of creating married very traditional french pastries (meringues, palmiers, galettes, and assorted macarons) with a very traditional American wedding cake, all of which were detailed on a chalkboard Olivia's father hand wrote for the table.  Guests danced to both One Leg Up, and Steel Toe Stillettoes, but not without a break here and there for The Bus Booth.  It was a perfect evening!

Baby Murphy

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And the fox said...

July 3rd, 2016

We love helping our brides (and grooms!) create the perfect wedding cake for their big day.  However, nothing pleases us more, than when a year later, we're asked to help create a special cake to celebrate the baby the happy couple will soon be welcoming into this world!  This baby shower was a labor of love on many levels.  Vintage tables clothes adorned the tables, flower arrangements were made from flowers that came from various hostess' yards, and the food was prepped by women who love mom-to-be as their own.  The cake was inspired by the colors and woodland theme in baby's nursery, and even tied in the same stencil that was used on mom and dad's wedding cake last year, and knowing mom's love of sweets, we couldn't help but have some additional pastries too!  We can't wait to meet you Baby Murphy!        

Arts After Dark

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Hendersonville Chamber Arts After Dark

April 7, 2016

We are excited to announce that we were one of the vendors at this years Arts After Dark event hosted by the Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce.   The arts are such a valuable and wonderful part of our community and it was an honor to be a part of the event.  If you were able to attend and managed to sample some of our goodies (or if you couldn't make it and missed out!), please stop by and see us on Church Street when we open in August!

Welcome to Our New Website

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Welcome to Gâteaux, to our website, to everything we are passionate about.  We will be honest and say that computers are not our strong point, hence the bakery, but we will do our best to keep you up to date on what we are up to!  At the moment we are hard at work to get the store front open so we can indulge your every craving for "something sweet."  But, until that very exciting day, we hope you enjoy the events and special occasions we have the privilege of helping with in the above posts!