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Happy 4th Birthday to my first baby

July 27th, 2016

To this day my mother recounts the story of the first birthday party she threw for me (it was my 4th).  It was a big deal, it was the first big birthday party she'd had for me because I finally "got it," got what a birthday was all about.  She had sketched huge pictures for myself and my friends to color, she had all sorts of games planned out (they lasted 15 minutes rather than the 45 she anticipated!), and she had the cake with the pretty buttercream flowers on it. 

My mother also had a problem, the cake did not have enough flowers for myself and my fellow friends to each have one; my mother still groans when she talks about it. 

Flash forward a bunch of years and my first baby "got it" this year, just as I did, at almost 4.  I'd asked him for weeks what he thought he wanted his cake to be, to no avail.  I finally settled on a version of Tow Mater from Disney's fabulous Pixar short stories...a monster truck called the Ice Screamer.  He loves anything on wheels, he loves Tow Mater, win-win right?  He informed me the night before he wanted Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse.  Baby I love you to the moon and back...but it's too late kid.  The good news is he loved his cake regardless of the design, and trust me, if you happen to decide you want my help for your kiddo's next party, I'll make sure you come out as parent of the year as well!