Pick your Poison

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Whiskey - The other "water" of the South August 13th, 2016 We like our whiskey here in the South.  We also like our desserts.  What better way to enjoy both than cakes made to resemble some very distinctive whiskey bottles, in honor of some very big birthdays!  We were particularly tickled to be asked to create the Troy & Son's bottle as it happened to be for the distiller herself, an Asheville local who is making her mark on the industry with her family's help.  Troy's...

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Mommy is a pastry chef.

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Happy 4th Birthday to my first baby July 27th, 2016 To this day my mother recounts the story of the first birthday party she threw for me (it was my 4th).  It was a big deal, it was the first big birthday party she'd had for me because I finally "got it," got what a birthday was all about.  She had sketched huge pictures for myself and my friends to color, she had all sorts of games planned out (they lasted 15 minutes rather than the 45 she anticipated!), and she had the...

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