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Shhhhh!  Happy 35th Anniversary Bill & Jana!

July 23, 2016

Throwing a party for a couple that spend a great deal of time "doing" for others is nearly impossible, especially when you're trying to surprise them with said party.   However, with a great deal of planning, some creative misdirection, and a bunch of very enthusiastic friends and family it is possible, to pull the impossible, off! 

We certainly will not claim to be experts at party planning, but there were definitely some things that helped us to be successful in addition to being well organized!

  1. Regardless of how big the party is being planned, you want to give your guests as much opportunity as possible to attend.  Give your out of town people a heads up, especially if you are running behind getting those invites out!
  2. Bill and Jana throw fabulous parties, no detail goes untouched.  So when we (meaning sister and myself) took this on, we wanted to do it as they would.   This included having a genuine, paper invitation that was (gasp!) put in the mail!  However, everyone is soooo busy, so the RSVP asked for an email response which was great, especially when it came down to the wire and we needed to communicate with everyone quickly and effectively!
  3. If you aren't planning a wedding, use disposables (nice disposables!).  Disposable cups, plates, name it.  There were close to 45 people in my house, dishes took less than 20 minutes, and were done before the guests had left.  FANTASTIC! 
  4. Pay for what you can ahead of time.  We took care of wine and a variety of other things in advance, and while the cost is still the same overall, being able to break the cost up made the bigger picture much more manageable. 
  5. Have fun!  It's a party!